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Educational therapy provides a special time set aside as a commitment to your child’s growth and well-being. Students respond readily to this kind of commitment and to consistent time given to help them. A brief outline of practices and expectations for educational therapy is presented below.

> Maintain a consistent schedule of appointments whenever possible.
  > I provide a schedule for each month, in advance, for your review, agreement, and/or revision.
  > Schedule revisions are made to accommodate family commitments, holidays, and vacations.
  > Alternate appointments will be scheduled when possible.
> If a student is unable to attend a session, please give 24-hour advance notice. If the cancellation is a result of unforeseen or extenuating circumstances, please call as soon as possible.
> Cancellations without advance notice will result in a charge for a full session.
> All sessions are 55 minutes unless otherwise agreed upon.
  > In certain circumstances, ¾-hr. sessions (40 minutes) and 1½-hr. sessions (85 minutes) may be agreed upon.
> Parents are encouraged to call and briefly discuss concerns or questions they may have regarding their child’s educational and behavioral progress.
  > Conversations that take more than 15 minutes require billing at the standard hourly rate.
> In-person parent or teacher conferences are advisable from time to time to discuss progress and problems in depth. The regular hourly fee applies.
> Written progress reports will be provided upon request and are billed at the hourly rate. A progress report may take 1 hour or more, depending on the depth required and the need for updated assessment results.
> Payment is due in advance unless other arrangements have been made. Any insurance reimbursement is the client’s responsibility.


Dr. Denton serves clients from elementary-school age through adulthood.
Services are provided at the client’s home or work site.
In some cases, travel charges may apply.

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