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Reading, Rhyme & Reason, Educational Therapy and Related Services, Laura Anne Denton, EdD, BCET, NCED
The choice of Reading, Rhyme & Reason as a business name was inspired by the focus of services offered. Educational therapy is often prescribed for students with difficulties in acquiring reading and related literacy skills. Rhyme is a foundational skill of phonemic awareness, an area highly correlated with learning to read using phonics. Reason covers the rest — mathematics, learning strategies, study skills, etc.

Reading, Rhyme & Reason is a spin-off from a line from Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors in which a servant complains of being punished for the misdemeanors of his identical twin brother: “When in the why and the wherefore is neither rhyme nor reason?” (Act 2, Scene 2)

Shakespeare also uses it in As You Like It, when Orlando responds to Rosalind’s query as to whether he is as much in love as his rhymes portray: “Neither rhyme nor reason can express how much.” (Act 3, Scene 2)


Dr. Denton serves clients from elementary-school age through adulthood.
Services are provided at the client’s home or work site.
In some cases, travel charges may apply.

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