Consulting Reading, Rhyme & Reason, Education Consultant and Curriculum Development Specialist Laura Anne Denton, EdD, BCET, NCED
As an Educational Consultant, Dr. Denton is available for hire by families and schools/school districts for a variety of needs. With more than a decade of consultation experience and a strong background in curriculum and instruction, Dr. Denton facilitates change with a clear, respectful communication style and is known for her practical solutions. Short-term and longer-duration projects are welcomed. Teaching consultant Dr. Denton praised by educator
Suggestions were given that were easily implemented in the classroom setting and matched with what was being done already. Great resources were given to support daily instruction and teacher planning. close quote

≈≈ Teacher

Praise for curriculum development workshop presented by Dr. Denton
The information you presented was clear, concise, timely and informative, and your knowledge and expertise, coupled with the ease with which you built a rapport with our teachers, made this presentation a tremendous success. Close quote: Curriculum development workshop leader Dr. Laura Denton

≈≈ Administrator

Consultation projects might include:

> Program planning — for an individual, for a classroom, or on a broader scale
> Designing and implementing accommodations for special-needs students
> Facilitating communication between the school team and families
> Overall program improvement
> Presentations for parents and educators

Please contact Dr. Denton to discuss your needs.


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