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Laura Denton of Reading, Rhyme & Reason provides educational assessment and educational evaluation in the East Bay -- Oakland, Berkeley and beyond
>  Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician (NCED) #0012, attained 2008
Dr. Denton served on the inaugural National Certification of Educational Diagnosticians board from 2007 through 2011.

In the assessment and evaluation process, Dr. Denton develops a profile of learning strengths and weaknesses in areas including cognitive processing skills, oral language, processing speed, and other skills.

In-depth educational assessment is available for:

> literacy (reading, spelling, dyslexia)
> written expression
> mathematics
Quote: East Bay parent says child gets effective reading help from Dr. Denton
We are blown away by Dr. Denton. She provided exactly the information we and the school need to get our son reading. Her oral report was clear, under­standable and precise. Dr. Denton iden­tified what we have been doing wrong and told us what we need to do to help D. She gave us more prac­tical advice in one hour than all the people who have tested and worked with our son over the years combined. Close quote

≈≈ Parent of 12-year-old non-reader

Dr. Denton specializes in:
> Educational assessment with emphasis on developing a profile of learning strengths and weaknesses
> Designing assessment to focus on areas of concern — from a specific academic area to a broader concern such as memory or attention
> Cognitive processing assessment targeted to student learning difficulties
  > auditory, visual, or fine motor
  > integration (coordinated use) of skills
> Documentation of dyslexia or slow processing speed for testing accommodations
> Partnering with other specialists as needed
> Recommendations for remediation

Dr. Denton’s assessments are individually designed based on clients’ goals and areas of concerns.

Reports are tailored to the client’s needs, and may be a thorough interpretive report with recommendations or a straightforward documentation of testing and scores. This flexibility of format provides clients a range of cost-effective options.

What is an Educational Diagnostician?
(From the National Certification of Educational Diagnosticians Web site)

An Educational Diagnostician has demonstrated expertise and experience in special education assessment and is considered an advanced assessment specialist. Qualifications include an advanced degree, licensure in an education-related field, as well as teaching and assessment experience.

More information about educational diagnosticians is available from National Certification of Educational Diagnosticians.

Quote: Administrator applauds Dr. Laura Denton's role as an outstanding curriculum consultant
Excellent recommendations were made regarding approaches and curric­ulum that would meet the student’s needs. We learned how he most likely takes in infor­mation and what methods will be more effective for his learning. Close quote: Learning progress accomplished with Dr. Denton

≈≈ Administrator


Dr. Denton serves clients from elementary-school age through adulthood.
Services are provided at the client’s home or work site.
In some cases, travel charges may apply.

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